Get to know me

"I'm just a kid and life is a nightmare..."

Actually, it's not all that bad, but I like to indulge my inner 15 year old emo kid with Simple Plan lyrics when no one is looking. I’m actually just a really anxious-all-the-time, 20something Jewish girl from a small town northeast of Baltimore. I’ve lived in Nashville, Melbourne, Australia, Austin, and most recently, Washington, DC.

After finishing my Masters degree in technical communications, I was promoted to Director of Communications for one of the largest member non-profits in the United States, and I'm incredibly passionate about health care and women's rights. Not necessarily in that order.

I’ve been horseback riding ever since I decided at age 10 that I wanted to be a jockey. At 5’7’’ the writer thing is a much better fit. It tore my heart into a million little pieces to leave my darling horse, Windsor, in Austin, but at his age, it wasn’t safe for him to make the 1500 mile trek halfway across the country. I teach lessons in my spare time and ride whenever possible.

I live with my fiance, who earned himself the nickname Charming for the purposes of this blog while we were watching Once Upon a Time. We spent more than two years crowded into a tiny one-bedroom basement apartment, but have just purchased our very own first house, a lovely 1940 colonial just inside the beltway.

Other than that, I’m allergic to gluten, prone to panic attacks, and vehemently pro-choice. I don’t have a specific theme for this blog – everything you read here is true, and is just getting delivered for public consumption as it occurs to me – but I'm starting to find my voice as a political/life blogger, and I hope you won't be put off by my opinions.

Feel free to follow/comment anonymously if you wish, but I’d love to hear from/connect with others who happen to stumble across this humble little attempt at throwing my opinions out into the world.