Monday, February 11, 2013

Bathroom Two Reveal!

We’ve been pretty much stymied on house projects lately – mostly because my hatred of painting has overcome my hatred of pink-beige walls (and also because of PUPPY!) – but I did finally finish up the upstairs bathroom redo. Also, we’re incredibly lazy/indecisive when it comes to furniture shopping, but that’s a story for another day.

The upstairs bathroom was actually the first room I had planned to paint – even before the kitchen, really. I got a bunch of darkish gray paint samples and threw them up on the wall back in early November or so. Then I stared at them for several weeks. Then I decided on Anonymous by Behr, which I bought. Then the can sat outside the bathroom until after New Years… For some reason, I just couldn’t pull the trigger on the painting.  

I think after I painted the downstairs bathroom purple, I had a little buyer’s remorse about the gray and wondered if it was too dark/too boring and if I should have gone with some actual color. Like a rich blue or something.

But eventually I dug in.

Just beginning to tape. It was a pale blue that kind of blended in with the fixtures during the day. Notice the 3 color samples on the wall? They were there forEVER.

This bathroom for some reason has a popcorn ceiling. It’s the ONLY room in the whole house with a popcorn ceiling. And I hate it. For good reason, apparently, because painter’s tape does not stick to popcorn ceilings. I had to hold sections of tape up and slather paint on very quickly. Which did not make for very straight, clean lines.

As always, I hated the color at first. It was too light and somehow too close to the color we painted the kitchen (Monticello by Valspar).

But by the time I got the second coat on, it was looking a little more like the sample that I’d been staring at for months.

Looks really dark here. I did most of my painting at night. 

Naturally, I ended up with large quantities of paint all over me (and the cabinet – which reminds me, I should probably try to get that off…). I also had to use a small watercolor paintbrush to touch up the edges around the ceiling, because my paint-and-swipe method up there was not terribly effective.

Paint everywhere. Sad face. 

Finally I finished and it was time to decorate. It’s pretty similar to the downstairs bathroom, in that the walls are dark and the accents are white, but at least I know what I like, right? I also used one of those same Mural shelves from Home Depot that I used in the other bathroom, too. Hey, they work and they look good. Instead of using natural/wood accents in here, though, I tried to add a little color with a big (cheesy, so sue me) palette print from The Foundry and some fake flowers from Ikea.

The palette print thing says "I wanna grow old with you." I know, I know. Also, that toilet paper does not normally live there. 

I just ordered an edger from, and am excitedly awaiting its arrival. It’s a tool that goes on the top of the roller and helps you make straight edges, which I clearly need. Hopefully once that arrives I’ll be inspired to pick up the decorating process in another room. We got some Ikea-bookcases-turned-benches (post coming eventually, probably) put together in the breakfast nook, so maybe we’ll tackle that room next… 

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