Monday, January 28, 2013

Dexter comes home

We did it! On Saturday, Charming and I signed the adoption contract, handed over the adoption fee, and officially welcomed Dexter (formerly Tarzan) into our lives, our home and apparently our bed.

When we woke up this morning, he had rotated 90 degrees and was laying directly between us, while Charming and I clung to the edges of the mattress for dear life. 

I pretty much haven’t stopped laughing since.

For two days, he would sneak up on his waterbowl, ears pricked, and quickly lap up some water before darting back several feet to stare suspiciously at it. It’s metal, and he’s apparently never seen his reflection before.

He LOVES chasing the laser pointer around the backyard at night. After two nights, we only have to turn the pointer on for a few seconds, until he gets going, and then we can just stand and watch and giggle while he races in circles around the backyard over and over again.

Saturday night, we attempted to convince him to sleep on his own doggy bed. He jumped up onto our bed, and then laid there in a puddle of fur, legs sprawled, and pretended he couldn’t walk on the comforter when we tried to get him down. I finally coaxed him down, got him settled onto his bed with his very own blanket, turned the lights off, hopped into bed, and started congratulating myself on practically being a professional dog whisperer. Not 2 seconds later, he was straddling us and sniffing determinedly at our faces, while I laughed so hard I cried. He also insists on getting off the bed head first and dragging his hind legs behind him – just in case there are any last remaining traces of dirt or wetness or pee left on him that he can rub off on my nice new duvet cover.

Charming is his favorite for playing, but I win out when it comes time to snuggle.

Definitely his daddy's dog. 

Charming says he prefers to snuggle with me because I'm softer. Charming has a death wish. 

Right now we’re having to watch him pretty much constantly, since he does seem to have an unfortunate tendency to want to dig at my antique oriental rug, but he makes it pretty easy by following one or the other of us around the house wherever we go.

He is off his food a little right now, which we’re hoping is just an adjustment thing – although he seems pretty content and attached to us already. It could also have to do with the excessive amounts of treats and peanut butter bones/Kongs he got on Saturday.

I’m sure I will have grumpy updates the first time he’s left unsupervised and chews a Gucci shoe (not happening  - those babies are so high up they’re almost out of MY reach) or racks up a several hundred dollar vet bill after inhaling a rawhide chew whole, but for right now, I’m so glad we got this dog. <3


  1. Yay!!! Congrats, dog parents! And I really like Dexter. Tarzan . . . not so much. Great naming.

    And yeah, TRUST ME, you need to nip the sleeping in your bed thing in the bud right now, or you will NEVER get him out. I speak from experience. Be vigilent.

    1. Thanks! Last night was the first time we attempted to enforce the No Dexters In The Bed rule. There was some whining involved, and a few sneak attack attempts (you're 65 lbs, dog, we can feel you jump up), but otherwise it wasn't quite as disastrous as I expected. And he was still on the floor when we woke up this morning.