Monday, December 3, 2012

The Ravens purple bathroom

Charming got a new grill, which apparently requires all kinds of things and processes before it’s actually ready to prepare food, so Saturday morning found us headed back to Home Depot again for probably the 200th or so time since we’ve moved.

Our Home Depot trips generally start with us standing in the tile aisle ogling slate tiles, while Charming promises to do more research before we commit to anything. Then we migrate toward lighting – this time to look for outdoor lights for the grill area – but sometimes to stare at ceiling fans. Occasionally there’s a detour through cabinetry to look for a butcher block cart (which they never have) and to wistfully stroke the granite and quartz countertops. Then I finally give into the call of the semi-glossed wild and end up in the paint section.

This time I needed an off-white color for the stencil accent that will eventually go on one wall in the kitchen. The problem was, I bought the main kitchen color at Lowes (a Valspar color) and forgot to bring the color sample with me. So I had to guess as to a white that would make a good accent against the mushroom-y grey color that will be the rest of the kitchen. Do you know how many damned shades of white there are? I finally settled on Glidden’s “Muslin White,” mainly because I read it as “Muslim White” at first and thought that was really funny. Alas.

But then I got distracted by the purples. Oh the deep, rich, saturated purples. I’d been dreaming of doing something to the main floor bathroom (white tiles, white shower, white counter/cabinet, white medicine cabinet, white blinds, white walls…) and I couldn’t resist. I wandered from display to display, snatching up purple color samples, until I’d narrowed it down to three. And finally I decided… it was a little dark, a little intimidating, but I thought the contrast against all the white in the bathroom would be gorgeous. So I bought a quart of Behr’s Wine Frost in the satin finish (after much arguing with Charming, who was convinced we needed semi-gloss or gloss for the bathroom, even though I hate shiny walls).

I planned to be a good girl and finish up the kitchen before I tackled yet another new project, but I just couldn’t resist the lure of fresh paint and walls that didn’t need to be sanded/plastered/primed/caulked. So I jumped in. Even though I’ve never painted walls before in my life.

Let me first say that taping walls/things sucks.

I forgot to tape that right edge of the medicine cabinet mirror and had to go back and do it with paint all over my hands. 
I decided to start with the wall sections over the shower, since they’re kind of hidden in case I screwed up. Which I did. Using a roller is really hard (don’t judge) and I ended up with lots of purple on the ceiling. I’d bought Goof Off wipes which are supposed to remove paint, and they helped a lot, but unfortunately they also took old layers of the original paint off the ceiling as well. Along with several layers of my skin. My hands are fuzzy right now from dry, peeling skin. I look like a leper. It’s really gross.
This is about the point where I started to get overwhelmed. I wasn't very far in. 
About 3 hours in, I realized that one quart of paint wasn’t going to cut it, so I sent Charming back off to Home Depot to get a second quart.

The Behr has the paint and primer in one, but I needed two coats in most places, probably because of my aforementioned lack of skill with a paint roller. I finally finished, though, and the Goof Off wipes were great for cleaning up spots where extra paint had gotten under the tape and onto the tile splash around the bottom of the wall.

Yes my toilet is wearing a trashbag. Hey, it worked. 
Then the fun stuff. Once it was dry, I finally got to put my Pinteresting skills to use and style the space. I bought Mural shelves from Home Depot – I thought we’d gotten the floating shelves, but we got ones with brackets, which I ended up really liking. I had an extra basket in our entry area that I bought at some point because I really like baskets (mess just vanishes!) which turned out to be a perfect width for the shelf and for toilet paper rolls.

I finally got to hang my raven printed on burlap picture – it’s maybe a tiny bit small for that wall, but I was afraid anything bigger would make the space feel small and crowded. And most importantly, I found homes for a cool-looking old clock my stepdad found at a flea market, and my crown-prince frog reading. I just assume the frog is sitting on a toilet, because that’s where I get the majority of my reading done…

It is really impossible to find an angle to take a full shot of the whole bathroom. This was the best I could do. 
I'm still missing a bathmat, curtains and the new switch plates I ordered, but I’m totally thrilled with the way the bathroom looks, even if there are a couple of messy spots around the edges of the counter. And Charming is just thrilled/relieved that at least the whole house won’t be grey.

I’ve also discovered that I absolutely hate painting. Which is an unfortunate revelation, since I still have a lot of house left to paint… So who’s coming over to help me work on the kitchen?? 


  1. First of all . . . LOVE the color. It's very bordeaux. Good job! I have painted many a bathroom (actually the same one in my old house about 5 times), and it's good because it's a relatively small enclosed space, and you don't paint the entire wall where the shower is! It's a great starting place, I find. Good primer for the kitchen. You're doing a great job with the house so far. :)

    1. Thanks! I keep walking by it and grinning idiotically. And I've been leaving the blinds open so anyone driving by can see how magically purple it is. Which almost backfired on me yesterday when I had to pee... ehh.

  2. Number one: I actually really love that purple. It looks great!

    Number two (please forgive my pointing out of the horrible, but at least unintentional, thematic pun I've just made): Our landlord has agreed to let us paint the walls in the house we're renting. I'm *so* not looking forward to the work involved, but I think it'll definitely be worth it once it's done. Yours certainly looks like it!

    And finally, Number three (the actual reason I came here this time): You're awesome, and now you've won something for it! Please, accept this award (details, etc. here):

    1. I kind of want to be mad at you for this. This means I have to do work. But thanks! And good luck with your painting! As much as I resented the entire process (and the now-ruined pair of designer jeans), I do love my bathroom walls.