Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Go vote. Before the Republicans take away that right, too.

So it’s election day. What more is there to say at this point, really? You’ve all probably figured out that I hate Mitt Romney and his idiot cohorts and their regressive,  nonsensical, woman-hating policies.

There really are people out there (in my own family even, unfortunately) who truly believe the Republican rhetoric that demanding equality is just gateway communism. They’ve bought into the belief that allowing employers and religious entities to enforce their beliefs on the general population is not fascism, but freedom. They believe with what shriveled specks of dust remain of their hearts that “victim” is a dirty word.

They tell me I have a ‘victim mentality’ because I think I deserve equal protection under the law. They tell me I have a victim mentality because I think I deserve equal pay for equal work. They tell me I have a victim mentality because I believe my LGBT friends should have the same right to marry whom they love that I have. They tell me I have a victim mentality because I think my reproductive rights ARE my fundamental human rights and that those rights shouldn’t be subject to religious and political pandering. They tell me I have a victim mentality because I think the First Amendment gives me the right to live by my own religious beliefs, not the beliefs of the evangelicals with the most money.

They blame me for demanding my Constitutional rights, because it’s easier than having to recognize WHY I’m so goddamned angry.

Are there “welfare queens” out there who milk the system for an extra couple hundred bucks a year? Sure. But you know what? Those people don’t hurt me as much as Mitt Romney’s $100 million in unpaid taxes. Those people don’t hurt me as much as the man who assumed because I’m female and I’d walk his dog that I’d fuck him for money. Those people don’t hurt me as much as regressive politics that would jeopardize my privacy and my health care and my very life.

Anyone who truly believes and understands that this election is about freedom should be voting for the incumbent.

My biggest fear, though, is that this election will come down not to a split in ideology between those who think equality is something to strive for and those who think equality is another word for communism, but to those who control access to voting mechanisms vs. those who don’t.

In Florida, people are waiting in line for upwards of 6 to 7 hours, because the Republican election board restricted voting hours in heavily Democratic areas. In Ohio, the Republican Secretary of State has authorized the last-minute installation of ‘special’ software made to his exact specifications and changed the rules for how provisional ballots are counted. In Arizona, Republicans are robocalling Democrats and giving them the wrong voting location addresses. In Pennsylvania and Virginia and Kansas and Tennessee just to name a few, voter ID laws are in place that predominantly impact low income and minority voters – the majority of whom tend to vote Democrat.

If Mitt Romney wins this election, I don’t believe it will be because the majority of Americans really think women and LGBT individuals should be permanent second class citizens (at least I can’t believe that if I want to sleep at night) – it will be because they cheated. Plain and simple.

So if you haven’t already, I hope you vote today, and I hope tomorrow we’ll still have a President who respects this country and will do what’s right for its people. 

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