Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Female nazi wearing Herve Leger waders

Actually, let me be a little more specific. Female nazi wearing Herve Leger waders and living in Nashville for 6 years.

Yep, that should do it.

Those, my friends, are the search phrases people are using to find me on Google. Well, to accidentally find me, I hope.

I am actually the very first Google hits result for “Herve Leger waders.” Herve needs to get on marketing that shit, and give me a cut of the profits. Women want to look stylish while hunting for asshole fish, attempting to ford a raging river on foot and silently crying on the inside.


Like designer iPhone covers – if you don’t jump on this now, there will be knock-off Herve Waders all over the place.

Also? Female nazi in waders? What kind of sick pseudo-sexual fantasy results in THAT image query?

Mmm yeah, lemme tap that.


I guess I came up because of the salad nazi experience (is it just me, or would that make an awesome punk rock band name?), but it doesn’t change the fact that you were searching for it, creepy random internet person.

I totally did live in Nashville for 6 years, so that’s … relevant I guess. Why are you searching for that on the internet? Why 6 years specifically??

So what are the craziest search phrases people are using to stumble across your blog?


  1. Hahahaha...I LOVE this. I've been found with "fake jesus freak," "quidditch goal," and the other day there was something about "girls in communal showers,"...but it's disappeared now. So weird.

  2. Oh my ... I like the combination of jesus freak and girls in communal showers... I'm thinking I might need to come check out your blog!

  3. The funny part is, both HAVE been mentioned on my blog. But...this makes it seem SO much weirder!